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    Accessories for Thermocouple
    Bayonet cap
    used for Thermocouple.
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    Spare parts for tubular heater machine
    Filling tube
    Jet Nozzle & Spiral Nozzle
    To be one of the perfered brands
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    Crafted With Care To Perform..
    To be one of the perfered brands
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    Spare parts for Immersion heater&Heating element
    Brass flange
    Stainless steel Bolt & Nut
    To be one of the perfered brands
    Flange Cover.


  • Shenzhen Sinta Electric Co.,Ltd.

    /Sinta International Commerce Co.,Ltd located in 

    Shenzhen of China.We are the professional and 

    reputated supplier in China.

    We are supplying
    Accessories for Thermocouple
    Accessories for Sensor
    Spare parts for tubular heater
    Raw material for Tubular heater
    Spare parts for tubular heater machine

    Products:Thermocouple connector,Thermowells,

    Fittings,Adapter,Bayonet cap,Sensor stainless

    steel housing.Terminal pin,Plastic plug,Brass 

    and stainless steel flanges.Resistance wire, 

    Bakelite cover, Jet nozzle,Filling tubes,

    Tungsten carbide roller,High speed steel roller, 

    Mandrel,Polishing wheel,Terminal box for quartz

    tube and other products. 

  • Raw material for Tubular heater

    Spare parts for tubular heater machine

    Accessories for Thermocouple

    Accessories for Thermocouple



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Thermocouple connector, Thermowells, Fittings, Adapter, Bayonet cap,Sensor stainless steel housing. Terminal pin, Plastic plug,Brass and stainless steel flanges. Resistance wire, Bakelite cover, Jet nozzle, Filling tubes, Tungsten carbide roller, High speed steel roller, Mandrel, Polishing wheel, Terminal box for quartz tube and other products.

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